John Wolpert

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Product Executive, Founder.

Habituated to getting passionate about problems worth solving, seeing opportunities to apply creative business models and technology to solve them, and building first-class teams that change the world.

Right now, passionate about how the rules we use to govern ourselves are getting more and more complex, and we need ways of conducting business — from financial transactions to supply chain — that don't collapse under the weight of compliance.

Spun the transportation company, Uber-competitor Flywheel out of Best Buy, led it through two pivots and two rounds of funding. Company was recently acquired.

Built 4 commercial ecosystems: Hyperledger Fabric, alphaWorks (online), IXC (R&D), Flywheel (mobile).

Created and ran a consortium of companies in IT, life sciences and healthcare in the US, Australia and the UK. Spent four years overseas leading these and other “open innovation” initiatives.

2 Specialties:

1) Building multi-sided markets from scratch.

2) Finding and building new businesses in and around large, complicated organizations.

Practical Know-How:

1) Can design and build products and services users love and build a mature product organization that can handle change under pressure and maintain speed, quality and market leadership;

2) Can efficiently build a large, evangelical developer and user community;

3) Can forge collaborative business development opportunities at both research and product stages;

4) Can run a startup or a company's new line of business, get it funded, find the repeatable, scalable business model, and build a team with an amazing culture;

5) Can spot where rifts between groups of people will form and avoid them before they happen.